Where does canal water come from and where does it go?

Below you will find a map displaying how water from the Colorado River is delivered to the Coachella Valley.

The Colorado River is made up of water that originates from melted snowpack and natural runoff from precipitation in the mountains of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Once water from the mountains enters the Colorado River mainstream, it then travels southwest through multiple dams that help navigate the directional flow of the water towards the All-American Canal before reaching the Sea of Cortez.
After arriving at the 80-mile-long All-American Canal, water from the Colorado River is then diverted through six channels, including the Coachella Canal, which then transports a portion of the imported water to the Coachella Valley.
After traveling for more than 120 miles through the Coachella Canal, the imported water is then used for irrigation and recreational purposes throughout the Eastern Coachella Valley, and it is also used to preserve groundwater levels.